Building Your Business on Values

Values is a set of principles that give character to your biz and define what your biz is all about. Values empower both your partners, staff and customers towards ensuring that your biz is able to meet the needs and expectations of its stakeholders. A rational being will have a set of natural principles that … Continue reading Building Your Business on Values

How to Run a Successful Freelancing Business

So. You have studied and eventually graduated? Congratulations, you are among the roughly 500k Kenyans graduating from our colleges and universities every year. Usually, the feel good lasts only a few days after graduation. You hit the streets searching for a job and realize there aren’t as many jobs. Nothing stretches the soul like the … Continue reading How to Run a Successful Freelancing Business

Your Talent Can Make You Money

Now, we continue on discussing how to commercialize our talents. In the previous article, we covered a few things; knowing your product, knowing your market, investing in your talent, training hard and production of your product. Are you protecting your work? Now, you have worked so hard in training and development of your product. You … Continue reading Your Talent Can Make You Money

Are You Commercializing Your Talent?

A reader asked me to write on commercializing talent ‘the creative economy’. I have taken up the challenge and this will be part one of a two part series of posts looking into how we can get the best of our talents. Now, the good bible says that everyone was made with a special talent … Continue reading Are You Commercializing Your Talent?