Venture Out to Grow Your Business

That entrepreneurship is hard is not an overstatement. This thing can and does break hearts. Worse still, even when you are hurting at it you are always forced to keep a positive face. No quitting. Sustain it at all cost. Pain it through and all those slogans. But do you really have to sweat it through? Not really? You want to succeed and there are people who want the same for you. Sometimes you know the problems you need to overcome but other times you need the help of an outsider to help prioritize and expand the possibilities of reaching a solution. The bottom line though is you must invest two valuable and rare resources in your business; time and money.

1. Network

Nowadays there are so many events organized in general or on thematic topics which you can participate in. It is always a good idea to make time for that conference and exhibition, or church organized financial literacy workshop. Try to attend that pitching event or the selling boot camp. Keep yourself informed. Keep yourself networked. You will always get new knowledge on how to deal with your issues, how to identify them before they happen. If you do it right sometimes you even come out with good partners; investors, suppliers, buyers, referrals etc. Whatever you do. Don’t just lock yourself in your hustle. Make time and a small budget to empower the entrepreneur in you. The way to growth is outward not inward.

2. Belong
Its always a nice idea to associate with people with whom you share circumstances and situations. As such, try to identify which sort of clubs and associations to join. There are so many right from your town circle, to those sectors specific, to apex and national Business Member Organizations; KAM, KEPSA, KNCC etc. It adds onto your circle, it helps give you a voice through common advocacy and raises your credibility. The benefits are countless.

3. Learn

Did you know, whatever is troubling you has been researched, written about and solved so many times. All it takes is for you to invest your time and money in getting the right resources. Sometimes all you need is data;

  • You can listen to podcasts and webinars while driving to work
  • You can read good books and papers on your phone, computer or even better get a physical copy
  • You can watch YouTube things from your phone and computers
  • Most importantly, be on top of news that relate to what you do. Its not easy to read the business section of a Newspaper but you have to. Get good magazines too

4. Access

There are so may business development support initiatives happening at any time that are dealing with questions that trouble you. All you need is to identify them and make time to attend. Some are paid but most are free supported by the government or other entrepreneurship development agencies. Word of caution, not many of those free opportunities around are worth it. At any rate, only participate in initiatives where you are benefiting. Otherwise, you easily start thinking of allowances and free meals.

5. Follow through

Now all the training, coaching and learning won’t help unless you are creating time to follow through on the deliverables of such initiatives. You get templates, fill them up; you get assignments please do them. You must put in some work. Transformation won’t just happen. It’s no use getting business development support unless you put your skin in the game

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