The Youth and the Big 4 Agenda

The operationalization of the Agenda is dual in nature; 1. There is the direct investments by government in these sectors (approx. 400B as set out in the budget for FY 2018/19. This money is spread across different government departments. Follow it there through tenderpreneruship and AGPO 2. The biggest chunk of the investments will however have to come from the private sector. The government is laying out a red-carpet of incentives to anyone who is willing to invest in the focal areas of the Agenda.

The biggest challenge with the Big 4 Agenda is that it is not expressly providing opportunities for the youth but that is not to mean that it isn’t possible for the youth to plug in. The call is to the youth to realize this is not another youth empowerment programme and approach it as a growth oriented agenda that not only draws the interest of the big businesses but also international players.

  1. Food Security

The goal: To raise the production of maize to 2.6 million bags this year.

The incentives; Subsidized inputs (fertilizers and seeds), ready market through the strategic grain reserves (SGR) and National cereals Produce Board (NCPB).

Did you know, you can always approach government to lease idle public land either for farming?

While the government will provide the base market, this will also lead to production of critical mass and stimulate the demand from industry who usually import in the alternative. EABL are always struggling to get sufficient Barley and Sorghum. Bidco is ready to purchase all corn and sunflower you take them

  • Are you in farming?
  • Are you involved in grain farming (including maize, rice, wheat, barley etc)
  • Are you into agro-processing? It’s going to be easy now to get the raw-materials for your production as there will be increased farm outputs.
  • Are you producing technology that supports farmers? This could include digital technology (apps, portals etc) or physical materials (including tools and inputs)
  • Provision of specialized services including consultancy to support farming (soil testing, advisory etc)
  • Provision of logistics including harvesting, storage, transportation etc
  • Value chains; consider the journey of food from seed to plate, there are many other stages involved. You can choose either of them to tap into this huge area where money is flowing.

  1. Enhancing Manufacturing

The goal; establishment of 1,000 SMEs to create 200k new jobs and raise the GDP contribution of this industry from the current 9% to 15%.

The incentives; 50% reduction of energy tariff from 10pm to 6am,

Did you know, you can always approach government to lease idle public land to set up a factory (now, I have helped someone do it and it was all clean and legit)

  • Do you have a manufacturing biz? (the direct focus being apparel (clothing) and leather)
  • Have you sold to government directly or do you know tenderpreneurs who have to sell to government?
  • What can you capable of producing for other big firms (we have a law compelling foreign companies to have 40% local content)
  • Do you know where the special economic zones are located? There might just as well be an SME park next door with good infrastructure and heavily subsidized costs
  • Have you accessed government guaranteed credit? Check out government and development Funds, if you hear a commercial bank make a lot of noise about SME funds just know they are guaranteed by the government and find a way to access

Value chains; whatever manufacturing is going to happen, there is a process right from the production of the raw material to the sell and perhaps maintenance of the finished product? Where are you located in that whole chain?

  1. Universal Health

The goal; increase the number with health insurance covers to 26M

The incentives; enhanced service packages offered through the NHIF

  • Agency; the NHIF pays a commission for any new member introduced/registered. You can add this service to your other agency businesses if you are on to mobile money etc.
  • Do you have a health services related business clinic, laboratory, pharmacy etc?
  • Is it possible to have it accredited to offer services under the NHIF or County insurance schemes?

Value chains; be it medical related stationery, to bandages to provision of care for patients, there are so many economic activates that touch on health. What can you offer? A market is emerging for care givers who can take care of patients either from home or even hospitals as a service separate from the hospital responsibility

  1. Affordable Housing

The goal; construction of 500k low-cost housing units

Incentives; reduction of taxes for anyone constructing more than 100 housing units

  • Are you a contractor who can help in the actual construction work (Including painting, wiring, plumbing etc) directly through servicing government tenders?
  • Alternatively, you could either join in a consortium with other developers or play in the sub-contracting space.
  • Are you offering specialized services to support construction including consultancy (in architecture, quantity surveys etc)
  • Are you a Manufacturer of inputs and materials; construction uses many other materials including protective clothing (aprons, boots, belts, helmets, construction fabrics, tools, bricks and stones etc)
  • Are you able to offer any support services to construction companies including selling them needed supplies?

Value chains; whatever activity is involved in construction right from the drawing of plans to the management and maintenance of the completed structures, you can fit somewhere. Aside from government, there are so many other private sector companies that are already in the housing market, what can you offer them?

While most youth will not have familiarized themselves with the Big 4 Agenda, it is possible to do so and find plenty of opportunities. Ask anyone, your next friend, family, civil servant, entrepreneurs etc. Just ask and you will be a step closer. Good luck


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